E-Liquid, we do it right

Here at Crescent Moon Labs, we take pride in providing a premium quality E-Liquid at an affordable price. The way we see it, you can have exceptional flavor without overpaying.
Crescent Moon Labs LLC was founded by Suzy Mercado in Meridian, Idaho during the month of June 2015. Suzy then acquired Garrett Vanni, owner of the popular Trade Winds Premium Liquid line, to manage and mix at the new lab.

Garrett Vanni is a master mixologist who found a way to success by producing delicious concoctions at an incredible price. Armed with his fast mixing experience, Garrett was able to secure Vape Storm Labs as a distributor for his first e-liquid line. Garrett, with Vape Storm’s help, was able to build up enough business to successfully branch off, thus paving the way for his move to Crescent Moon Labs. With Suzy’s get at em’ attitude and Garrett’s knack for "making it taste right," Crescent Moons Labs launched Quantum Sauce. Quantum Sauce quickly flooded the local market receiving rave reviews and a feverous customer following.
With all of Garrett’s previous successes, he hasn't lost the desire to "make it taste right" and continues to personally mix each batch of liquid daily for our valued customers.

All of Crescent Moon Lab's E-liquid lines are mixed and bottled by hand in a 130 sq. foot ISO-6 clean room. Mixing is done with an emphasis on a CLEAN environment to ensure the highest quality product possible.